School Bus Safety Project

school bus safety

Our Team

Larry Seow is BBI’s President & General Manager.  Larry has a chemical engineering background and, having held several senior positions in large North American corporations as well as having directed a start-up company in electronics, brings his skills and experience in general management, business development, operations in a manufacturing environment and sales and marketing management. Detailed career résumé for Larry is available upon request.


Bernard E. Blanchard, now semi-retired, was a highly respected barrister in Québec, Canada, specializing in civil law, commercial law and litigation. He has also been an elected leader in the Québec bar and served as Executive Director of the Canadian Bar Association. Bernard was attracted by the innovative features and life-saving potential of BBI’s invention. He brings a wealth of experience in the corporate field and in working out agreements, procedures and programs in the private and public sectors. Bernard is the Secretary to BBI’s Board of Directors.

 Jim Scott, chief engineer, has been seen crawling around under the school bus doing the installation and programming its computer. 

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